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Spring brings the Furniture out of hiding!

With spring just beginning, it’s time to start thinking about uncovering the cedar furniture you’ve had stored away for the winter. It is always best if you can put the furniture away in the garage or shed for the winter, to prolong the aging process. Cedar can handle being wet and exposed to the elements but it begins to lose that gorgeous color, if left out in the weather too long. So, when the sun comes out and the tulips bloom, you can begin to uncover, use and display your beautiful outdoor furnishings again!

Your pieces may need to be cleaned. If any mold or moss is evident, you will want to scrub that off as soon as possible, otherwise they can damage the wood over time. To clean, you can apply a cleaner with a brush or rag and rinse with the hose. It really is easy and on a nice day, it is kind of fun! Well, maybe not fun, but once in a while, it’s not a bad task.

Just like the bulbs in the garden, cedar furniture should go dormant for the winter. But, when spring returns, our enjoyment of the great outdoors can amplify again in earnest! Bring out the benches, chairs and tables along with the daffodils, tulips and iris!