Even when hanging still on a quiet fall morning, a porch swing can evoke poetic sentiments in its owner. This autumnal quietness and contemplation is one reason why porch swings are so enduringly popular. The other, of course, is the summery side of porch swings: laughter, conversation, that rhythmic swinging sound which is such a perfect accompaniment to reading – or a hypnotic prelude to afternoon naps. In short, porch swings are pleasurable in any season. The following information will help you find the right swing for your springs, summers, falls and winters.





Style, material, and size are the primary qualities to consider when choosing a porch swing. Some available styles are Adirondack, classic, contemporary and rustic. Canopy swings are a good choice if you don’t have a porch or prefer to sit on your patio and the canopy offers good UV protection. Colored swings are a good way to add a punch of color to your outdoor area. White is the most popular choice, but there’s a lot of colors available. Wood is the most popular material choice for patio swings. Wood can be left unfinished, in which case it will turn a sun-bleached gray, or be finished with oil based stain. Cedar, cypress, pine, alder and cherry are some of the woods used to manufacture patio swings. Of course, we use Western Red Cedar which is the most popular choice due to the wood’s natural resistance to rot and decay.




If you find yourself without a porch or would prefer to have a swing in the yard rather than next to the house, a porch swing and stand set is an ideal solution. Porch swing sets are also convenient in cases where a porch may have difficulty supporting a hanging swing. Our porch swing and stand sets combine the carefree joys of childhood swing sets with a grownup’s appreciation of durable construction and beautiful design.

It’s easy to relax outside with your family when you buy a swing for your porch. Even the simplest porch swing can add a peaceful atmosphere to your porch and become a quiet place to sit when you want to read or just watch the sun set.



Choose wooden porch swings for comfort and classic looks. If you prefer traditional décor that never goes out of style, wooden porch swing will probably fit your home best. These popular outdoor swings are made of a variety of woods, but cedar is best for outdoors. Many cedar swings are also treated with a waterproof sealant, which give them a glossy appearance and protects them from water damage. If hanging from your porch, make sure your porch is sturdy enough to hang a swing as they can be heavy. If you decide a hanging porch swing puts too much stress on your porch, you can also find porch swings that hang from a base like our Yard Swing Frame or our Basic Frame.


Consider your climate. Before you buy a porch swing for your home, you’ll want to think about the weather in your area. A cedar swing does well in a wet climate if you coat them with a waterproof sealant as it make them more weather-resistant.

Pick a sturdy, supportive swing style. While you may think of broad, hanging swings when you consider buying a porch swing for you home, you can also buy swings that are hung from separate frames. If you don’t have a supportive roof joist you have hang your swing from, buy one of our Yard Swing Frames or Basic Frames.