What is commonly referred to as aromatic red cedar is actually a species of juniper, which tends to grow throughout most of North America north of the Mexican border and east of California. It is a fine grain wood that is very light, durable and fragrant. While it has a long history of use in other areas of manufacturing, cedar furniture has been the biggest influx of usage for the material.


Lawn and garden furniture has benefited from several properties of red cedar, or Juniperus virginiana,which grows so freely and abundantly in this nation. First of all, it is naturally resistant to rot, and the pleasant aroma for which it is named actually repels moths. For this reason, it has long been used for building closets and constructing hope chests and other textile storage compartments. Now, in the form of furnishings like wooden picnic tables, it keeps moths from flocking to your exterior lighting while you are trying to enjoy a late night barbecue.


Because the oils it produces are natural treatments for the wood, additional oil and varnish coat are not required for outdoor furniture. In the past, this first came in handy as a material to use for shingles and other roofing products that needed to hold up against the elements without the expensive process of treating every single piece. This was also incredibly well received in terms of use for building a fence, since it can be quite time consuming to treat every single plank of the fence.


Because of its incredible light weight, sturdiness and malleability, red cedar was often used in the past for bows and arrows by both Native Americans and the British who came to the land. Now, such lightweight materials make aromatic red cedar patio furniture easy to move around, rearrange and store during the winter months, when the items are not in use.


As a material for wood outdoor furniture, this wood has become highly popular and is quite desirable. It’s inexpensive because it is largely in supply and doesn’t have to be imported like some other favorites, and you can save even further because you don’t have to spend time and month treating the wood prior to use. Just remember though, cedar will weather to a lovely silver gray if it is left unprotected.

Thousands of people are buying wood furniture that is made of red cedar and enjoying the pleasant aroma of just sitting in the wood rocking chairs or on the bench they have chosen.


When you go shopping for your next set of patio furniture, look for cedar as your optimal set. You’ll enjoy the aroma, the beauty, and the long life of the pieces in which you’ve invested.