You all know that cedar is a weather-resistant wood and that the substance really requires no sealant to keep it from being damaged. However, to what extent can you expect your cedar patio furniture to remain in good order? There are a few tricks that can keep your cedar furniture fresher longer; it just takes a little maintenance and loving care!

Cedar produces its own natural oils that protect it from the weather, which makes it an excellent wood for use in creation of furniture. Yet, even with such self-preservative methods, the wood can and will deteriorate over the years. To prolong the lifespan of your furniture, there are things you can do to protect it from the elements.

Start by putting away your outdoor cedar furniture for the winter. While it is weather resistant, cedar is still not entirely weatherproof. This means that, in extreme conditions of cold and moisture, you can still incur damage to the wood. So, when weather is not conducive to spending time on your patio for a long stint, store the pieces in a garage, attic or other storage facility, where they will be better protected.

You can also buy furniture covers that will shield the pieces from any major weather elements and insects. The furniture can then be left outside during the winter, with minimal damage. However, be aware that this method is not as shielding as bringing them out of the elements all together.

You can even choose to treat your cedar furniture with an oil-based stain in the fall, making certain that it is fully sealed against possible damage in the fall and winter. Learn more about treating your furniture in our FAQ section!

Whatever method you choose, with proper care and minimal maintenance, your cedar should be just fine for many, many years.