The bench is the chameleon of furniture. Like those color-changing lizards, benches are experts at matching their surroundings. They can be practical and unadorned or ornate and highly decorative. They can offer hidden yet capacious storage or even take the place of a coat rack. They can surround trees or lie hidden away in garden bowers. As our selection at Wood Country shows, there’s a bench for every style and location – including yours.


If you like to spend time outdoors in your garden or yard, a garden bench is a must for you. Garden benches are not only practical but they are also a great accent piece as well. A garden bench will give you the chance to sit and enjoy the beauties of your garden or yard. Garden benches are the perfect design element to finish off your garden or other outdoor area.




Durable materials and attractive designs are the hallmarks of our outdoor benches. We offer garden benches that provide romantic and intimate areas to sit and converse or enjoy a good novel. These benches are all crafted of Western Red Cedar and some feature a powder coated metal ginkgo leaf or grape leaf backs or the classic slatted back.


Have a favorite tree that you love to sit beneath? Make if the centerpiece of your leisure time or outdoor parties with a wooden bench.



What are garden benches?

Garden benches are great for relaxing with some lemonade, reading the morning news, or taking in the beauties of the world around you. A garden bench allows you the chance to literally take time to smell the roses. A garden bench is a fantastic way to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of your prized garden.


Types of Garden Benches

With the large selection of garden benches available, you will definitely find the perfect outdoor bench for your needs at Wood Country. Garden benches are made out of many types of materials and ours are made from Western Red Cedar which is naturally resistant to rot and decay.


Styles of Garden Benches

Garden Benches are available in an array of styles. There are styles of garden benches out there to suite each and every taste and need. Here are a few of the types of garden benches available.

*Backless Bench – We offer our T&L Park Bench and our 4’ and 5’ Cabbage Hill Benches


* Planter (either side of the bench features a planter) – We offer our Wood Country Planter Bench Set and also our T&L   Planter Bench Sets


*Decorative Benches – We offer our Ginkgo Leaf and Wine Country Garden Benches


*Classic Style – We offer our Cabbage Hill 4’ and 5’ Garden Benches


* Hefty Benches – We offer our 4’, 5’ and 6’ Sports Bench


*Entry Bench – We offer our Herman Convertible End Bench



You will love the charming look that a garden bench will add to your garden or yard. A garden bench will also give you a much needed seating option. You will finally be able to sit back and take in all the beauties of nature around you. Add a practical and beautiful garden bench to your yard today!