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Caring for Cedar Furniture: Keep it looking great and lasting longer

Beautiful, durable and naturally resistant to rot, insects and warping, cedar is an excellent choice for patio furniture.  If you have cedar furniture, it is important that you know and completely understand how to appropriately care for it. The idea behind the care of this type of furniture is to allow it to age in […]

FURNITURE TIPS: Fall Furniture Care

You all know that cedar is a weather-resistant wood and that the substance really requires no sealant to keep it from being damaged. However, to what extent can you expect your cedar patio furniture to remain in good order? There are a few tricks that can keep your cedar furniture fresher longer; it just takes […]

What is Cedar?

What is commonly referred to as aromatic red cedar is actually a species of juniper, which tends to grow throughout most of North America north of the Mexican border and east of California. It is a fine grain wood that is very light, durable and fragrant. While it has a long history of use in […]

Featured Furniture for February: Potting Benches are 10% OFF!!

We will be featuring a new piece of furniture every month, to give you special access to limited savings! For the month of February, our potting benches are 10% OFF! Both the Deluxe Potting Bench and the Master Gardener’s Bench are on sale this month. This includes several variations to choose from: unstained, cedar stain […]

Making the Most out of Planter Gardens

Here are some tips on making the most out of your planter box gardens this year. We have a lot of different planters to choose from and any one of them would make a lovely patio garden for you to enjoy. Making the Most of Planter Box Gardens 1. Planter boxes are a wonderful new […]

Come see us!

To start the season off, Wood Country would like to invite you to a couple of shows we are doing in the month of February!   Our first is Southern Idaho’s Home and Garden Show, held at the Expo Center in Twin Falls, Idaho on February 14-16, 2014. Nothing like a home town show to […]

Wood Types for Adirondack Chairs

A variety of types of wood can be used to make the classic Adirondack chair. Each type reflects the quality and longevity of the chair. At Wood Country, we make sure to use the highest quality Western Red Cedar to maximize longevity and beauty.   Pine: Pine is fine for short term but it is […]

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