Container is easy: Think you are a plant killer, or have not ever tried to garden? Container gardening is a great place to start. Even a complete novice can create a spectacular container garden in very little time. All you really need to get started is a container, some potting soil and either seeds or plants.

Container gardening can be economical:  Growing your own food saves on the grocery bill.

Garden in any space: Even the smallest space can be enhanced by a container garden. No sun, fill your container with shade loving coleus. Too much sun, fill your container with succulents.

Capability to grow anything: With container gardening you can be liberated from your geography – you can grow a cactus garden in Alaska or john jump ups in Arizona. In many yards or even on a single deck or patio there are tremendous varieties of conditions – from sunny, warm and protected to shady and cool. Just make sure you have the right plants for your particular spot.

Kids love container gardening:  Most kids would not look at peas until they grow them themselves in container gardens and eat them right off the vine. Carrots take on a whole new meaning when kids can see them grow on the deck and eat them when they are tiny and sweet. Kids love the success that container gardens give them, and they take pride in growing something their family can eat.

Garden in a container to outfox critters: When the containers are high off the ground it keeps all those critters from eating your lovely vegetables.

Container gardening can bring instant gratification:  There are few things in life that can give you the instant gratification that a container garden can. In the space of a few hours, you can go to a local nursery, pick out a bunch of healthy vegetables or herbs, fill a container with them and be rewarded with a spectacular looking garden. And you don’t have to weed it.

Gardening in containers can suit any style: Our raised vegetable garden bin looks great on any patio or deck and can be filled with lovely flowers, vegetables, lettuce or herbs, depending upon your style.

You can grow almost anything in a container garden: There is almost no plant that can’t be grown in a container garden. It’s easy to grow vegetable and herbs and even trees in a container garden.

Gardening in containers can suit any personality: With container gardening you can have great results being as relaxed or ambitious as you want to be. A couple of pansies might be enough to start with, or you might want to landscape an entire area with containers. All you need to be a successful container gardener is willingness to experiment, a tolerance for the unexpected and a love of playing in the dirt.