We want to offer a special discount to our customers this holiday, so you can share the gift of cedar furniture with your loved ones! Here is our Wood Country Christmas Special – Save 10% on our Deluxe Potting Benches, Master Gardeners Benches and our Cabbage Hill 4’ Swing only until 12-24-11.


Deluxe Potting Bench/Master Gardeners Bench

A potting bench is a workstation, a decoration, an opportunity to get something started, and the ability to keep a gardening project going without dragging materials in and out of shed and garages. A good potters bench will add to the visual appeal of your backyard or garden while you keep your green thumbs busy. The high-quality potting benches from Wood Country let you work upright and at a level that’s comfortable to you. If we’ve done our job, you’ll hardly want to call it work anymore!

We build garden potting benches for every outdoor style, climate, or level of commitment to the greenery arts. If you only need to organize a few yard tools, or maybe just a simple workspace to tend to a few plants, a simple gardening bench can make your work easier. Our cedar potting benches offer the softer appearance that comes from natural wood, while still being rot and insect-resistant.

These benches make excellent gifts for the gardener on your Christmas list this year! Order the Deluxe Potting Bench here and the Master Gardener bench here!


Cabbage Hill 4’ Porch Swing

So, you want to get into the swing of things? Get ready to sway away your day with a new porch swing! Kids know how fun and relaxing outdoor swings are, but adults sometimes forget. Let us bring out your inner child with our Cabbage Hill 4’ Porch Swing. Your lazy daydreaming and intimate evening chats are just a click away. No care; no worries; just more time to relax. That’s what porch swings are all about!!

Buy one today for that special someone on your Christmas list. Order this fantastic swing here.

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