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Caring for Cedar Furniture: Keep it looking great and lasting longer

Beautiful, durable and naturally resistant to rot, insects and warping, cedar is an excellent choice for patio furniture.  If you have cedar furniture, it is important that you know and completely understand how to appropriately care for it. The idea behind the care of this type of furniture is to allow it to age in […]

FURNITURE TIPS: Fall Furniture Care

You all know that cedar is a weather-resistant wood and that the substance really requires no sealant to keep it from being damaged. However, to what extent can you expect your cedar patio furniture to remain in good order? There are a few tricks that can keep your cedar furniture fresher longer; it just takes […]

Spring Clean Up!!

Our handmade line of products are made with Western Red Cedar and can be left unstained without losing its strength or longevity. Western Red Cedar has been specifically chosen for our products because it holds up so well outdoors even in the harshest weather conditions.     Wood Grain: Over a long period of time […]

Why is Cedar Furniture the Best for Outdoor Use?

  When buying outdoor furniture, you have a wide variety of materials from which to choose. Cedar is often cited as one of the better options. Continue reading to discover why cedar furniture is good for outdoor use. Natural resistance to water, decay and bugs Because your patio or garden furniture spends so much of […]

Preserve your Purchase!!!

Another year at Boise’s Art in the Park (our 19th year) is over and we are still getting the same questions, even from repeat customers. What do we do to preserve our purchase? When one of our customer purchases our furniture, we tell them to refinish it every year or twice a year if exposed […]

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